Thursday, March 2, 2017

Every girl is an angel. Guard them, protect them & respect them!

God gave them wings to find true love in human world.

They have to go back to heaven if they can't find, and never come back again!

In the garden of Eden,

God have already planted the seeds of love for all lovers,

it heard that who can let the seed open in the human world,

grow out a heart shaped petal.

An angel will take off her beautiful wings, change into a human girl,

and stay together with him forever.

One day, a boy met an angel in his heart,

he tried his best to water the seed with love, care it with hearts every day.

Finally, he smelled the light fragrance when he woke up in one day morning.

It turned out that seed of love did grow out heart shaped petals,

each of petals is a heart.

His angel was moved to tears,

and her wings miraculously disappeared after tears dropped on them.

Angel become a human girl, she'd like to give up the whole heaven for him.

Since then, this happy couple love each other and spend their lives together.


Every girl is an angel. Guard them, protect them & respect them!

If a boy expects a girl to be an angel in his life, he must first create heaven for her. 

Angels don't live in hell.

Now, let iDream's angel egg jewelry collection help you create a beautiful heaven.

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