Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. In this post I will be giving you my insights on kissing in the rain. Somebody has to.

If you’re someone who prefers to read and write objective and informative posts about really serious world problems, you’re definitely in the wrong place. Yes, If you’re one of those people, you better leave this page as soon as possible since the following light and fluffy enlightenment on movies and kissing may lead to severe vomiting.

However, if you’re not one of those people and you do like to look on the fluffy side of life: welcome! And enjoy!

So let’s start, shall we?

I was lying in my bed last night and I couldn’t fall asleep. Again. This is happening a lot lately. My bedroom is under the roof and I could hear the rain gushing against my window. Jeeez, it was really raining cats and dogs last night! Although I was in some serious state of insomnia I somehow managed to finally fall asleep thanks to the very soothing and rhythmical sound of the rain. Drop by drop, this comforting sound gently lulled me to sleep.

What is it about the rain that makes us feel so good, I wonder? I personally like to believe that the rain is our own inner metaphor for a brand new start. The old is washed away. You’re reborn, fresh and clean. A brand new you! Whether it’s music, literature or film, the entire creative industry seems to believe rain sells. We all know the songs “I’m singing in the Rain” or “It’s raining men”, two songs that have persuaded me (and probably the entire female population) that doing stuff in the rain is fun. And romantic.

And then there are the movies. They take the “rain is fun”-metaphor to a whole other level! Can I ask you a question, dear readers? How many films do you know in which they kiss in the rain? Believe me, there are a lot of them!

Dear john: Kissing in the rain in a Nicholas Sparks drama.

Pirates of the Caribbean: kissing in the rain, even while you’re under attack by a group of creepy pirates.

Spider-Man: kissing in the rain, while dangling upside down.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s: kissing in the rain, after finding your cat.

Four weddings and a Funeral: Kissing in the Rain, something I expect happens a lot over there in the UK thanks to the British weather.

And the most memorable kiss of all, the Notebook: kissing in the rain, as the ultimate gush of emotions!

And the list goes on and on! Being a movie fanatic and a hopeless romantic myself, I’ve always loved kissing-in-the-rain scenes. However, when you really think about it, there are probably as much cons to kissing in the rain as there are pros. In an attempt to be more realistic, here is my personal pro-con list:


1. It’s romantic:

Nothing says romance like two soaking wet people, driven by their yearning desire for one another, kissing in the rain because they just couldn’t wait a second longer!

2. You get to see your object of affection in wet, clingy clothes:

Imagine his shirt getting all clingy and see-through! (Having said that, the same goes for you as well. So if you’re planning on kissing your lover in the rain, you might want to check your underwear before you leave. A wet blouse revealing a giant grandma bra is not a great look, ladies!)

SN: I really really really hope that none of you readers wear grandma underwear. I would be very disappointed!

3. Your clothes will get wet, so you’ll have to take them off later:

After your romantic kiss, your clothes will be completely drenched. I suggest you hint to the guy you just kissed that you would like to change your clothes, in the hope that he’ll invite you over to his place. I guess, your imagination can take it from here 😉

4. Bye Bye Old Me:

Like I’ve said above, rain can create that heavenly feeling of rebirth. Your past, all the mistakes you’ve made, the things you’ve said and done, are washed away and you can start all over with a clean slate (or in this case: a clean skin). We’re often too reluctant when it comes to love. We like to believe we have to think first before we act. That we have to be cautious before we take the leap and put ourselves out there. Kissing in the rain means you’re done with that! From now on, you’ll seize the day and live in the now! You’ll take every romantic opportunity you get, including some hot and steamy kissing in the rain!


1. Your make-up will be totally ruined:

I always wear make-up, definitely when I’m on a date. So if I were to kiss a guy in the rain, I would be in some serious trouble. Because believe me, it’s anything but sexy to open your eyes after an intense kiss and look into the eyes of a gothic panda (smudged mascara all over the place!). Just saying…

2. You’ll get wet in all the wrong places:

Yes, kissing in the rain is sexy: your clothes get wet, clingy and see-through ,which sounds totally attractive and appealing. However, I once forgot my umbrella when I went for a walk and when it started raining, after half an hour even my underwear was soaked. That’s not a very comfortable feeling, I can assure you.

3. Your hair will look awful:

Unless your name is Scarlett Johansson, Giselle Bündchen or Kerry Washington, you probably will not be able to pull off the wet-hair look. Nobody – and I repeat, nobody!- looks good with hair clinging to her cheeks and forehead. It’s a fact. Deal with it.

4. You can catch a serious cold:

You’ll have to ask yourself: Are 10 minutes (more or less) of intense kissing in the rain worth the 3 days of heavy sneezing and coughing that inevitably follow? If you’re indeed willing to sacrifice your health for a rebellious make-out session, I suggest stocking up on chicken soup, just in case.

Conclusion: If you want to experience that feeling of ultimate passion by kissing someone in the rain without any of the cons…. Use an umbrella!!!


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